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The problem statement?

I have a large set of data. I fetch this data and render it on screen.Once I render the data, new data starts to come in. This new data is realtime in nature and is appended with the old data. Since the data is huge..rendering all this data every second is a problem and is slow and continuously hangs.

Possible solution
Render the first fetch of huge data on screen. Render this once.
For every second when new data comes in, render this batch of new data which has come in for the session.

This way rendering can be fast and any amount of data can be plotted.

I am working only with column chart and line chart.

The question - is there any such mechanism to render available?

Also I can achieve this with two widgets side by side...but again it doesn't look good and there would be gaps between the two widgets.

@anyone any thoughts?