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I had managed to plot my curve and prepared to add tilte to my plot, but after I added the following two lines referring to some data from Internet :

ui.qplot->plotLayout()->addElement(0, 0, new QCPPlotTitle(ui.qplot, "title"));

but the complier told me "Syntax Error : Indentifer "QCPPlotTitle""
that meant "QCPPlotTitle " could not be recognized by my complier.
I use the newest version (2.0.0 beta) and I have included the "qcustomplot.h" and "qcustomplot.cpp" to my project , do I leave out someting else which needs adding to my codes ?

Or, any other idea to add title ?
I'll appreciate it if any one can help me out.

In QCP 2.0, the QCPPlotTitle was replaced by QCPTextElement. (See changenotes and documentation for details.)

Thank DerManu.
It's very kind of you.