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I really like this library, but the last update was in September 2016. Is QCustomPlot still actively maintained and developed or is it basically dead and I should better switch to Qwt?

Hi Sam,
have a look at the repo:

it is active and both 2.0.0 and 1.4.0 releases will come shortly.
The unusual gap is due to the fact that a major version change is the only situation where QCP may break backward compatibility in the public interface. This caused me to put many features/changes on the todo list for the 2.0.0 – in retrospect, too many features. I'm sorry for this large delay of the 2.0.0, I'm going to limit the size of the todo list for future updates, both minor and major versions.

Ok thanks for the quick reply, then I will look forward to the 2.x release :).

Great news!
Brilliant library, Thanks alot for Your work!