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Hi DerManu and all,

i have follow the procedure describe in this link "http://www.qcustomplot.com/index.php/tutorials/specialcases/scrollbar" to control my curves with the scrollbar.
However i would like to know how we can do he same thing when we have multi-curves with a dedicated Y axis for each curve ?

Thank-you for your support.

i would assume you would have multiple scroll bars, each connected to the appropriate yAxis.

I cant imagine why anyone would want to do this though. if it were me, i would just make sure i zoom both axis the same ratio and then just have one scrollbar.

Hi Ian,

I would have one axis per curve and one scrollbar which will manage all the curves.



I try to modify the example "Controlling the axis range with a scrollbar" but without success.
I would like coupling many plots with a dedicated axis per curve to "one Y scrollbar".

If someone can help me.