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I need to programmatically change the value of x or y, that is the location of the widget in the frame or container, not the data or axes.

I find no methods that will accomplish this. Is it impossible to do?

Thank You

if you are putting the widget in a layout(which you should be), qt handles positioning of the widgets.

if you dont put the widget in a layout, you can either change the position in the gui editor or with setGeometry. (please dont do this... users hate it).

I was unfamiliar with layouts when I started this project. Now I have a huge project. I duped the whole thing and started another tab page did a layout and created a few new qcustomplot widgets in it. The individual layout frames would resize when I clicked and dragged on them but the plot widget remained anchored in place and did not change in size. Does something need to be set differently in the plot widget to allow it to follow the change to the layout frame?

I have 34 qcustomplot widgets on a single tab. They are laid out in 3 rows of 5 and one row of 2. can the horizontal layout accommodate that many?


the layouts should just work. when you load it up in designer, does it do the same thing? generally speaking if it doesnt show up properly in designer something wasnt done right.

I'm working in QtCreator which has Designer built into it.

I'll keep mucking around with it.

Have you tried using "Lay Out in a Grid"? Right click on the window in the gui form, "Lay out", "Lay Out in a Grid"