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I got the QCustomPlot shared libraries to compile, I put them in /usr/lib

I compiled the usage example and that works.

Now what do I do to QTdesigner so that the QCustomplot widget shows up in the list and can be dragged to a gui dialog screen.


Sorry should be QTdesigner not ATdesigner.....

you would need to create a plugin for the widget.

This entails creating a subclass of QDesignerCustomWidgetCollectionInterface to run the plugins, and a plugin that subclasses QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface for each class you want to add to the plugin. This is what has to be built as a shared library and put in the designer plugins folder, not the shared library of the customplot widget.

Just do it like in the getting started tutorial? Drag a QWidget and promote. No need to buind an extra designer plugin.

I did a drag and promote and it does not work. The custom plot strip chart does not show up in the promote list.

the advantage to using a plugin is that the widget will actually show up properly in the ui instead of just showing as a blank space.

If you want to promote a widget, you just right click the widget and hit promote. in the promote dialog, you will need to add the type "QCustomPlot" and then you will need to add the include "qcustomplot.h". you should then be able to select it as a promotion. (it wont show up in the designer as a qcustomplot, but it will show up after compiling when running the project).

Using a plugin would be my preferred way to approach this. I am very new to QT, the designer and creator. So there are basic details missing in your suggestion that I just do not have the knowledge yet to fill in the blanks. Is there any examples of this on the forum, I didn't find anything under plugins

When I promote a QWT_PLOT widget and put in the QCustomPlotm, press ADD, in the promote dialog box is says it is not used. There must still be something wrong with my configuration. I really do need to be able to utilize qcustomplot.

after you add qcustomplot as a promoted widget type, you have to set the widget that you promoted to the qcustomplot type. it is a second step in that dialog.