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QCustomplot icon/widget not showing up in ATdesigner widget listReturn to overview

I got the QCustomPlot shared libraries to compile, I put them in /usr/lib

I compiled the usage example and that works.

Now what do I do to QTdesigner so that the QCustomplot widget shows up in the list and can be dragged to a gui dialog screen.


Sorry should be QTdesigner not ATdesigner.....

you would need to create a plugin for the widget.

This entails creating a subclass of QDesignerCustomWidgetCollectionInterface to run the plugins, and a plugin that subclasses QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface for each class you want to add to the plugin. This is what has to be built as a shared library and put in the designer plugins folder, not the shared library of the customplot widget.

Just do it like in the getting started tutorial? Drag a QWidget and promote. No need to buind an extra designer plugin.