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QCustomplot does not name a typeReturn to overview

Am I the only one to have that error when doing the sample on the homepage?

second error:
'graph_fenster' was not declared in scope

expected type-specifier before 'QCustomplot'

Files included and added to project
What can I do'?


I just saw i am using qt 5.8.0....
Maybe thats the error?

First error has nothing to do with QCP. there is no "graph-fenster" declared in your program.

second error is probably because you wrote QCustomPlot wrong (lower case p)

graph-fenster is the name of the widget.

I wrote "QCustomplot"

Yeah, and that's wrong. It's QCustomPlot, just check the code file. Also make sure you've included the header in your project and the source file where you want to use it.

Yes, you were right. I mistyped.... stupid me!