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Will draggable markers be supported by QCP?Return to overview

Will markers be supported in the near future?
(I have in my mind two draggable crosses in the plot rectangle.
If not: I think it should be implemented using QCPAbstractPlottable1D.
What handling method is preferred, in order not no interfere with the current and planned
functionality of QCP?)

As I see, QCPSelectionRect is somewhat similar in functionality to what I am looking for. As I understood, the mouse dragging is interpreted as drawing a select rectangle. Can I use it simultaneously with dragging and zooming the display rectangle using the mouse?

I'm not sure i understand the question. you can create custom items by subclassing QCPAbstractItem and do whatever you want with them.

Yes, I can create custom item. I do not want to develop in duplicate and do not want to change the interface if some of my handling facilities will be used in a future revision.